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   I am currently enrolled in the PEN-300 course titled "Advanced Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses." This comprehensive cybersecurity program covers a wide array of topics to equip me with advanced skills in offensive security. The course encompasses programming theory, client-side code execution with Microsoft Office, process injection, antivirus evasion, application whitelisting, network filters, Linux post-exploitation, kiosk breakouts, Windows credentials, lateral movement, Microsoft SQL attacks, and Active Directory exploitation.

   Throughout the modules, I will delve into practical aspects such as executing shellcode in Word memory, PowerShell scripting, bypassing antivirus measures, understanding network filters like DNS and web proxies, Linux post-exploitation strategies, and breaking out of kiosk environments. Additionally, the course explores advanced topics like Microsoft SQL attacks, Active Directory security permissions, and forest theory.

   By the end of this course, I aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of offensive security, mastering techniques to bypass sophisticated defenses, and developing the skills needed to navigate and exploit various cybersecurity challenges. The hands-on nature of the course will undoubtedly enhance my practical knowledge, preparing me to tackle real-world cybersecurity scenarios with confidence.

   You can read the course program here